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Model 300D

  • Traditional Drop Packer
  • Speeds up to 15 cycles per minute
  • Designed for round or non-round rigid containers
  • Simple, operator-friendly design
  • Integrated servo-controlled lane divider
  • Quality, cost-effective machine for initial line automation


Product Description


The Hamrick Model 300D Case Packer was designed to run round and non-round products in various pack patterns at speeds up to 15 cases per minute. The product conveyor features an Allen-Bradley Kinetix 300 servo-controlled lane divider to shift product into multiple lanes prior to packing. The case infeed is a belt driven system with multiple brakes to index RSC/HSC/Tablock cases or trays onto a pneumatically assisted case lift. The lift then raises the case up to meet the custom-designed change parts for that size bottle, and catch-drops the product prior to discharging from the machine. The 300D comes standard with a mild-steel, painted frame (Steel-It), along with stainless steel components (lane guides, case covers, drip pans). It can be upgraded to a washdown machine, featuring all stainless steel construction and NEMA 4x sealed electrical panels for strenuous environments. This machine is designed with the operator in mind, keeping a level of simplicity to match heavy-duty construction. The electrical package includes an Allen-Bradley MicroLogix PLC, Schneider-Electric ProFace HMI, and Delta EL Series drives. This machine comes with a 98.5% efficiency rating and a 1-year manufacturer warranty on all components.

Standard Features Include:

  • Acculane II Servo Controlled Lane Divider assembly to run round and non-round product
  • Self-aligning stainless steel case guide top plate on case lift
  • Belt driven infeed to accommodate case widths up to 15 inches
  • Dual 7.5 inch table-top product conveyor infeed
  • Modifiable infeed rails to perform LH, RH, or end entry product transfer
  • Closed cell neoprene shock pad on case lift to reduce drop impact
  • Vertically mounted pneumatic case lift with up to 12 inch adjustable lift height
  • Dual overhead (gel) bottle brake assembly
  • Stainless steel lane guides with color-coded spacers for each set of change parts
  • Pneumatic container agitator assembly for consistent lane accumulation, and preventing lane jams
  • Allen-Bradley MicroLogix 1400 PLC
  • Schneider-Electric ProFace color HMI
  • 2 Delta EL Series drives
  • Simple operator controls
  • Dual pneumatic case brakes for on-demand case indexing
  • Easy-access, quick changeover capability
  • Safety interlocked Lexan guarding around case lift and lane divider
  • Steel-It corrosion resistant paint
  • Includes one (1) set of change parts and spacers
  • Two (2) instructions/part manuals
  • One (1) year warranty
  • 100% money back guarantee

Upgrade Options:

  • No-tool quick changeover (when running multiple products)
  • Upcharge for non-standard voltage (480V, 575V)
  • All Allen-Bradley controls package (PanelView Plus HMI, PowerFlex drives)
  • Additional e-stop
  • 4-tier beacon with audible horn
  • Down bottle detection (flag system or laser)
  • 90° or 180° case to container configuration
  • Overhead bottle turners to assist product 90 degrees prior to packing
  • Tablock slitter mounted on case lift
  • Transport cart and storage racks for easy insertion, removal, and housing of packing head assemblies


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