Become a Hamrick Sales Representative

Hamrick works with sales representatives, integrators, and OEMs to provide customers with the best available machinery offerings. We are always looking for reputable, experienced sales representatives to cover territories across the US, Canada, Central/South America and overseas. If you are interested in adding our machinery to your product offering, please take a few minutes to fill out the information below and a representative from Hamrick will contact you shortly.

– Vertical Top Load Case & Tray Packers
– Pick & Place Case & Tray Packers (Servo or Robotic)
– Continuous Motion Case Packers
– Pick & Place Uncaser/Decasers
– Continuous Motion Uncasers
– Case Erectors
– Case Sealers and Slitter-Sealers
– Lane Dividers
– Robotic Palletizing Cells
– Fully Integrated End-of-Line Solutions

To email us a resume, please send it to:

Become A Sales Representative Form: