Optional Equipment

When purchasing a piece of machinery from Hamrick, it’s necessary to explore the upgrades and add-on features particular to your application. With a wide range of low-cost improvements such as down bottle detection and no-tool quick changeover, your machine can detect bad drops before they happen and lessen changeover times by up to 50%. We will be more than happy to answer any questions you have about the add-on features, and provide you with a machine tailor-made to your product sizes.

Here are some common add-ons we offer to enhance your packaging equipment:

Add-On Option Description
Four Flap Control Rail and Cable System
Four Flap Opener with Rear Flap Hook and Plow Essential for uncasing or packing product into reshipper cases. A cable system with a kicker cylinder ensures the minor flaps are in position while a rail system keeps the major flaps from interfering.
Powered Case Discharge HMS VL2 Case Lift Assembly Standard on Model 360 and Up Prevents case to case contact on Model 300
Extended Width,For cases over 15″ wide and up to 22.5″ wide
Down Container Detection,Flag system for lane guides

No Tool Quick Changeover,Hand guides used no nuts and bolts

LED Display,HMI 3″-10″ screen

3 Tier Flashing Light Tree,Visual notification of interrupted cycle for machine operator.

Signal Horn,Auditory notification of interrupted cycle for machine operator

Flap Detection,Vision system

Line Pressure Release Assembly on Container Conveyor,

Additional E-Stop,E-stop located on another area of the machine

Automatic Lubrication System,Lubrication occurs while machine is operating

Four (4) Packing Head Storage Rack with Transport Cart Recommended for customers with many packing heads and multiple daily changeovers
Six (6) Packing Head Storage Rack with Transport Cart Recommended for customers with many packing heads and multiple daily changeovers

90° Case Turner Mounted on Case In-feed,Wheel to turn erected cases

All Stainless Steel Construction,Caustic wash down for clean room environments with NEMA 4 electrical

Low Backline Pressure Chain on Container Conveyor,Used for lighter weight containers that require more grip to move along conveyor

Lock Tab Tearing Device on Case Lift,TL30 Tab Lock Breaker

Open Bottom Case Control,Additional taper on bottom of sealer

Air Jet Flap Opener Required to drop pack into reshipper cases

Explosion Proof Packer, For aerosol containers

Transformer for Voltage other than 220V,When 460V or 480V is required

Allen-Bradley 503 to 505 PLC,

NEMA 4 Electrical,Electrical for wash down applications

Extended In-feed Case Conveyor,Used for Twin Sealer

Lug Chain Case In-feed Conveyor (Dairy) Assembly to tie into existing lug chain for dairy crate applications.