Customer Testimonials

We value our customers opinions and feedback on our products and services. Read a few or our customers’ thoughts on their experience with Hamrick.

“Hamrick Manufacturing & Service has been a pleasure to work with over the years and I would recommend them to anyone looking to buy any of the products they manufacture. They build efficient, long-lasting machines and stand behind them with a 100% money-back guarantee. Their service technicians are skilled, helpful and promote the Hamrick name with pride. Being a smaller company, they have the ability to tend to each of their customers whenever/wherever. They pride themselves on service, and their customer support is second to none. We strongly support HMS and their dedication to their customers. ”

Dan Lee
Maintenance, Blending/Terminaling Supervisor
Chevron Global Lubricants


“We purchased the Hamrick drop packer to run on one of our higher speed lines. Since the line ran so good more products were added and we now have a total of 10 packing heads. The changeover process is simple and the ease of setup is a big reason why this line performs so well.”

Tom Marek
Project Engineer
Gold Eagle Co.


“I started my bottled water business in 1997 and given the choice of Case Packer manufacturers chose Hamrick Manufacturing based on machine quality and their 100% Money Back guarantee. Do they back it up? Yes they do. I was having issues with my 300E and strongly considered pulling the machine. Phil and the guys sent down a tech the next day and found the problem with some internal wiring. It was corrected and other than replacing a few wear parts, this 300E is still running strong today. I was so impressed with Hamrick and their attention to their customer’s that I have bought two more Hamrick packers for my facility. What I have come to realize is that ‘Customer Service’ is truly that, at Hamrick. You may pay more for some competitor’s unit based on name, but I guarantee you get the BANG for your buck at Hamrick. Wouldn’t have anything else in my plant.”

John L. Burleson
President & CEO
English Mountain Spring Water Co.


“I would like to say thanks for providing us here at Teva U.S.A. with an excellent piece of equipment. The drop packer you have provided for our line has increased our production by 25%. I would highly recommend to anyone looking at drop packing equipment to look at what Hamrick has to offer and encourage them to visit our facility to see how well your machinery works. You provided us with one of the most professional tech’s we have ever had in our facility. Your tech was very well trained in how to work with both the mechanics as well as the operators. Thank you again, and look forward to working with you on future projects.”

Richard Fritz
Project Coordinator
Teva U.S.A.


“We have been working with Hamrick Manufacturing since 1994. Our very first machine was a Hamrick drop packer, it was a used machine that was built in the 1980’s that had survived a building fire. We replaced some melted parts and tubing on the machine with Hamrick’s assistance and the machine ran great for us almost from the start. After many years of good service, we decided to upgrade this machine to a faster drop packer and we never questioned whether we would replace it with another Hamrick drop packer after our good experiences with the previous machine and how robust it was. Our current drop packer has been running even better than the old machine due to upgraded electronics and features. In 2000 we also put in an upgrade to our bottling line and we needed an uncaser to remove bottles from our prepack cases. Hamrick Manufacturing had an uncaser and we really liked the design. Given the quality customer service from Hamrick and our experience with past machines, we placed an order for our new uncaser with them. We were also concerned about bottles getting left in the cases if the uncaser was acting up, and after talking to Hamrick they basically created a customized QC conveyor for us downstream of the uncaser that would reject out any cases with bottles left in them. Both machines have run great and with minimal maintenance issues. I would highly recommend considering Hamrick Manufacturing for any equipment needs you may have, they have proven to be a reliable partner with us in our production facility.”

Curtis Holmes
Plant Manager
Alaskan Brewing Company