Case Packer FAQ

Q. I am a craft brewer in Ohio and I need a case packer that can pack a 12-ounce beer bottles in 12-packs and 24-packs. I’m hoping to get up to speeds of 180 bottles per minute. Do you have machines that do this?

Yes, our 300 “E” Case Packer is designed for small breweries with low-to medium production lines. This packer is economical and long lasting. You can upgrade to one of our higher-speed models to increase speeds up to 35 cycles per minute.

Q. What is a “D” Series Case Packer?

The “D” Series Case Packers come with an on-board lane divider (servo or pneumatic) for non-round bottles. When packaging non-round bottles, a lane divider is necessary to avoid jams before the product enters the lane guides. Non-round bottles include: square, oval, trapezoidal, triangular and more.

Q: Can I drop pack glass and other fragile containers on a Hamrick case packer?

Yes. We’ve built hundreds of applications for glass — most notably for craft brewers, distillers and beverage companies. In our 40 years in business, we have perfected the “catch-drop” method, which makes packaging equipment affordable for many companies.  Hamrick also provides pick & place case packers, and reviews each project to see which type of equipment is best suited for your line. Drop packing is still the most efficient and affordable way to pack rigid containers.

Q. I need to package quarts, 1/2 gallons, and 1 gallon milk cartons and jugs. Can I pack all sizes with one machine? I also need machinery for a clean-room environment.

Yes, our Dairy Case Packers can package all your containers with low-cost change parts and quick changeover times. These packers are manufactured entirely out of stainless steel and come with upgraded electrical options to ensure longevity in caustic wash-down environments or refrigerated rooms.

Q. What separates a Hamrick case packer from its competitors?

Since 1975, it has been our mission to provide the highest quality end-of-line packaging equipment at an affordable price, standing behind it with outstanding customer service and a 100% money-back guarantee. As one of the last remaining family owned manufacturing firms, we may not have the same financial backing as some of our larger competitors, but we also have less overhead. That means we’re able to build durable, versatile, long-lasting equipment and make it affordable to a growing number of clients. We provide the feel and comfort of a small business, while operating with the capabilities of a larger one. Being attentive to our customers’ needs and ever-changing product selection is why almost 85% of our business is repeat purchases from our current customers. If your project is something we don’t feel is best suited for what we can offer, we will tell you; and we will even help you find a more suitable company to assist you. We love to build packaging equipment, but even more so, we love keeping our customers happy.

Q. Is Hamrick machinery Made in the USA?

Yes. At Hamrick Manufacturing all of our machinery is manufactured and assembled in our plant in Ohio. All of our components are supplied by local vendors. While some individually supplied components may be manufactured overseas, everything we build is made in the USA.

Q. What is the difference between a 360 Case Packer and a 360 “D” Case Packer?

The 360 Case Packer is capable of running only round bottles at speeds up to 20 cycles per minute. If features a pneumatic agitator assembly that keeps the product from jamming. Round bottles can be flood-fed into the packer and controlled through the lane guides. The “D” in 360 “D” designates that the packer features an on-board lane divider, usually for non-round products. The lane dividers can be pneumatic (1 to 2 lanes wide) or servo (up to 8 lanes wide). The key purpose of the lane divider is to keep the non-round products from jamming before entering the lane guides. These typically add a total of 4’ in length to the packer, and are mounted directly on the bottle conveyor.

Q. How fast is changeover time on a Hamrick case packer?

On a standard case packer, changeover times can be finished in as little as 5-6 minutes. The process includes removal of current packing head / insertion of new packing head, adding/removing lane guide spacers and adjusting case conveyor guides. Pre-programmed selections in the PLC make changing programs accessible at the push of a button. On more advanced packers (lane dividers, soft-sets) changeover can be completed in under 10-15 minutes. Optional upgrades like our “No-tool quick changeover” can assist in speeding up the process, and our “Storage rack and transport cart” makes removing and inserting heavy packing heads effortless with only one operator.