Case Sealer Videos

Case Packer/Sealer Solutions
Hamrick can integrate the end of your packaging line by implementing cost effective, reliable equipment. Our Case Packers and Case Sealers (tape, glue) can run a wide variety of products at almost any speed.

Hot Melt Twin Sealer
Our Hot Melt Twin Sealer is designed for sealing cases running side-by-side, often in dairies and bottled water operations. With a simple and quick changeover, it can be capable of running one lane of boxes as well. It features a Nordson glue unit and optional stainless steel construction for caustic wash down environments.

Hot Melt Case Sealer -2
This hot melt case sealing system comes with a standard Nordson ProBlue glue unit and runs at speeds up to 50 cycles per minute.

TL130 – Lock-Tab Breaker & Case Sealer
Our TL130 is a reliable end-of-line solution. After the cases are filled with product, they proceed to the TL130 where a cylinder pushes a wedge underneath the flap to break the tab, then proceeds into the Hot Melt Case Sealer. At up to 25 cycles per minute, this model will be able to handle most production speeds.

TT25 – Top Case Taper
Our TT25 is capable of tape-sealing the top of a wide variety of different sizes of cases. Capable of speeds up to 25 cycles per minute, it’s a low-cost solution to manual labor, and with a compact footprint, fits into almost any workable space.