300D Case Packer Photo Gallery

The 300D Case Packer

The 300 “D” Case Packer was part of the Hamrick Mfg. booth at the 2010 Pack Expo in Chicago, IL. This machine was designed for a manufacturer of personal care products. The unusual bottle style with spout was challenging, but provided us with an opportunity to showcase our wide range of machine customization. Please look at this series of photos and our Case Packer page.


300 “D” Case Packer – capable of 15 cycles per minute for a small to medium speed product line


Case Packer Features include an On-board Servo (quicker than Pneumatic) Lane Divider – for distributing non-round product into multiple discharge lanes (back view of Case Packer)


The 300 “D” is often used by microbreweries, personal care products manufacturers, distilleries, automotive oil, food & beverage, oil, and pharmaceutical companies (front view of Case packer with one guard door open)


Case Packer Packing Head – drops the plastic hand soap bottles with pump spout into the case at 300 bottles a minute. They are packed into 30-pack cases in a 6 wide x 5 long pack pattern.


VL-2 Case Lift w/ Dual power outdrive belts & stainless steel pneumatic cylinder. The side case break clamps pinch together to hold box in place. The erected boxes come in along bottom case conveyor and are stopped on case lift, raised up, and the product is inserted. The plastic hand soap bottles are dropped into the case.



This image shows the new 1/2 inch Lexan – thicker bendable plastic, 90 degree guard doors with a safety feature. The doors are bolted onto machine and include an electrical stop: once knob is turned to open guard door, the machine shuts down. (side view)


These new guard doors allow for easier and quicker change over because the doors swing out 90 degrees allowing for a wider degree of accessibility.


Allen Bradley Panel View Plus 600 – allows you to switch between different programs for different product sizes. Panel view saves time by allowing worker to easily access different programs.


This image shows the Servo Lane Divider – in plastic enclosure. Product enters from the back end; lane divider distributes products into 6 lanes for packing cases 6 wide x 5 long. As the product moves through the lane divider, a photo eye counts them off to make sure that they are distributed evenly within lanes.


Once the photo eye detects that the maximum quantity is reached, the side clamps will pinch other incoming bottles, stopping/braking the movement. Round bottles – distribute themselves more evenly, and odd shaped bottles – need to be directed into a specific distribution pattern. (side view of lane divider)


Bottle Conveyor (Intralox conveyor) Bottles move along bottle conveyor in single file. Bottle conveyor sends products into lane divider, where they are distributed into multiple lanes.


The erected empty boxes move along the case conveyor to the case lift. The case conveyor is located underneath the bottle conveyor.


This is an image of the Lane Guides. They maintain 6 lanes of bottles before packing occurs.

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