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We’re committed to remaining at the forefront of packaging machines, technology and applications. Here’s a sneak peek at the “latest and greatest” from one of the industry’s most trusted packaging machinery suppliers.

P5-CRX Collaborative Palletizer

P5-CRX Collaborative Palletizer

Features: Dual-station palletizing w/ (3) area scanners and custom end-of-arm tool with payloads up to 30kg. These are designed to be a quick build. 12-14 weeks at the moment, and by mid-next year we should be in the 8-10 week range.


See the P5-CRX in Action:

ComboBot Compact Erector/Packer

Features: (2) robot combination erector/packer for small footprints and low-speed lines up to 8 cases per minute (Higher speeds may be attainable based on the case and product geometry). This cell also can run undersized cases down to 3.5″ wide. It can run round or non-round product by adding an on-board servo lane divider.

See the ComboBot in Action:
P5-CRX Collaborative Palletizer

CP10D-R Robotic Case Packer for 2.5 Containers

Features: Ideal for larger F-style containers, this cell uses a FANUC arm to gently place 2.5G containers into cases at speeds up to 10+ cases per minute. It can also run 1G F-style, as well as smaller containers on the same line. Optional flap control for reshipper cases is now an option.

See the CP10D-R in Action:

BrewBot Combo Tray Packer/Palletizer

Features: Single robot tray packer/palletizer with integration for tray forming and shrink-bundling. Can perform up to 15 combined tasks per minute, and is ideal for canning lines up to 200 cans/minute.

See the BrewBot in Action:
Hamrick is also expanding our robotic palletizing options (compact and complex):
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