Tray Packers


The Hamrick Tray Pack Machines can pack a wide btn_quotevariety of products at speeds ranging from 15-60 trays per minute. All tray packing machines are PLC controlled and come with a 100%
money-back guarantee.

Erecto-Pak Tray Erector & Tray Packerelectro_pack_jim_beam_thm
– Speeds up to 15 cycles per minute
– Optional lane divider for non-round products
– Perfect machine for bag-in-box applications
– Nordson ProBlue hot melt glue system
– Easy load indexing tray magazine
– All NEMA 12 enclosures
– Quick change lane spacers on container conveyor
– PLC controlled

Soft Pack Tray Packer – for fragile material packingSoft_Pack_Tray_Packer_HMS
– Up to 25 cycles per minute (Servo)
– Available in Pneumatic or Servo controlled versions
– Pack product into cases or trays
– All stainless steel construction
– Simple & easy changeover ability
– Compact footprint

Ultra-Pack Continuous Motion Tray Packer Equipment
– Speeds up to 60 cycles per minuteultra_pack
– Quick change modular head design
– Digital indicator for lane guide adjustments
– Pneumatic container agitator
– Down container detection
– PLC controlled
– All stainless steel construction