Robotic Palletizers FAQs

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do I know which KUKA palletizer to select?

KUKA’s Robotic Palletizers are organized by payload. That means how much weight the machine is able to consistently pick up with the weight of tooling added in. KUKA Robots range from 5 kg all the way to the 1300 kg Titan.

Q. How can a robotic palletizer help my business?

Robotic palletizers are becoming a more efficient and cost-friendly way of doing your end-of-line packaging. Robotics eliminate the need for workers to carry out repetitious motion of stacking boxes and pallets. The Robots are controlled by a simple PC based tablet and are very simple to learn how to use.

Q. I live in Florida. Will you help with the installation of the palletizer?

Yes, we have installed machines all over the world, and the robotic palletizers are no different. One of our knowledgeable technical representatives will be able to assist you in installation and start-up. They will make sure your staff has the proper tools to make the robot run consistently and efficiently.

Q. Is there training available for my business on how to use our palletizer best?

Adding automation to the end of your packaging line requires planning and investment. We team up with KUKA Robotics, as well as a few various other partners to determine the best possible application for your success. At Hamrick Manufacturing, we build business relationships with our customers, giving them piece of mind in case a problem should arise. Please contact us for additional information on training directly with KUKA.

Q. If I have questions about our KUKA Palletizer, who should we contact or call?

Contact us right here at Hamrick Manufacturing. Give us a call at (330) 628-4877.

Q. Once ordered, how long will it take for our palletizer to arrive and be installed?

Depending on the application of the project, lead times often fall between 16-24 weeks.