Lane Divider Videos

Servo Lane Divider
Are you running a mix of round and non-round product? With Hamrick’s “D” Series Case Packers, a servo or pneumatic lane divider comes standard. Funnels any style product into packing lanes at speeds up to 350 bottles per minute and distributes up to 8 lanes wide.

Lane Divider w/ Vision System
This Case Packer was built for Alaskan Brewing for their variety pack line. The servo controlled lane divider (as seen in the video) uses a vision system that detects the cap color and distributes the different flavors of beer into their correct lanes prior to packing.

Servo Lane Divider -2
The “D” in our “D” Series Case Packers denotes that an on-board pneumatic or servo lane divider comes standard. These lane dividers assist non-round product, avoiding jams while placing bottles into their lanes. Pneumatic, which is air controlled, can distribute round or non-round product into up to two lanes, whereas the servo lane divider can distribute product up to 8 lanes wide. The dividers can be purchased as free-standing units or part of a case packer. Models available for high-speed solutions (350+ bottles per minute) as well.

Lane Dividers
Lane dividers are used to sort non-round products into their individual lanes prior to packaging. Round containers are able to flood feed into their lanes, but non-round containers will jam if their orientation changes. Our lane dividers come in three styles: Pneumatic (for 1-2 lane shifts), Servo (3-8 lane shifts) and our Acculane II Continuous Motion Laner divides incoming product at speeds up to 500 bottles per minute into up to 8 lanes wide.