Case Packer Videos

Model 360 Soft-Set Packing into Display Cases
This Model 360 “D” Soft-Set Case Packer is running a mix of 250ml, 500ml, 750ml, 1L, 1/2gal, 1gal, and 4L non-round containers at speeds up to 30 cycles per minute. It features an overhead soft-set to assist the product into the case, opposed to a standard drop pack.

Drop-Packing with a Soft-Set Machine
This video shows a Soft-Set Case Packer’s ability to bypass the gripper assembly and drop pack on the same machine. These bottles can also be lowered gently into the case via the overhead gripper assembly (soft-set).

Gallon Case Packer
Our Model 600 “D” Case Packer is running a mix of round and non-round gallon containers at speeds up to 30 cycles per minute. This machine features an on-board lane divider for separating non-round bottles into their lanes.

Dairy & Bottled Water Solutions
A dairy in California needed to package their 2-pack gallon containers at speeds of 55 cases per minute. Our Model 600 “D” Case Packer is capable of running speeds up to 30 cycles per minute and features an on-board servo lane divider. The customer also runs 4-packs of the same gallon, and can do that on the same set of change parts, meaning no change over. After being packed, the cases flow into the Hot Melt System Twin Sealer and the flaps are secured with hot-melt glue.

Case Packer for Breweries
This application is running 24-count cases into carriers and reusable plastic shipping crates, as well as two 9-pack boxes in a case. This Model 360 packer can reach speeds up to 20 cycles per minute and features a custom paint requested by the brewery.

Challenger “D” Case Packer
This video shows a 4oz non-round plastic bottle being packed into 12-count cases. The nice thing about our machinery is you can run a 2.5 gallon jug on the same machine with the purchase of a packaging head.

Variety Case Packer
This packer was built for Alaskan Brewing and features an on-board servo lane divider w/ vision system that detects the color of the caps and distributes the bottles into lanes by flavor. We turn the cases 90 degrees prior to packing to complete the variety pack. The packer runs speeds up to 500 bottles per minute.

Soft-Set Dairy Packer
The issue with drop packing into plastic dairy crates is when the crate ages, it tends to “bubble” up on the bottom. When you’re trying to pack 20 bottles in a case, that bubble can cause them to bounce and misplace. The Soft-Set assembly relieves us of that, and enables us to pack 50 bottles per case at speeds of up to 400 bottles per minute.